Being an Intern at the HSBC

Being an Intern at the HSBC

By: Rachel L. Harmon


For my final semester at Towson University, I always knew I wanted to participate in an internship. Not only to get class credits towards my degree and to also earn some valuable experience working in the field. There were many different places offering an internship opportunity that I looked into and I ultimately chose to work at the Historical Society of Baltimore County.

Working at the HSBC gave me an opportunity to gain experience working in variously different areas. I was able to tailor my experience in order to gain as much knowledge as possible. I knew I did not want to just work in one area of the Historical Society, but I wanted to experience many aspects.

I was able to work with the public promoting the Historical Society and the services it offers, write for publication work with museum artifacts and meet many fun and interesting people while doing it. There was never a day during my internship that I dreaded going into work and even after I have graduated I still volunteer when I have free time.

HSBC Museum Storage

            Throughout my education I had never gained a sense of local history and how it ties in with major themes until my internship. I have spent my entire life in Baltimore County and sadly did not know too much about local history. All of that changed when I started my internship. I learned of the fascinating things that happened in the county in which I had been raised.

Writing about history had been fun for me throughout my college career and I had believed that would be my favorite part of my internship. However, I did little writing and more hands-on work. HSBC gave me the opportunity to help in the museums collections department, archiving an array of different objects. That had quickly become (and still is) my favorite part of working there. I enjoy seeing these objects that come from times past and ensuring they are in their proper home.

It was in this way that I discovered what I truly wished to do within the museum field. Before my internship I knew I wanted to work in a museum, I just had not been sure where. Through the Historical Society, I have gained a sense of direction in my future career.

Though there are many other opportunities other than just working with the archives. I volunteered at the Maryland State Fair and at the Fall Barn Concert. Both enabled me to meet people and talk to them about the Society in order to interest people in becoming a member.

The staff at the HSBC is wonderful to work with as well. They are always willing to help and answer any questions I may have had. Each person there is knowledgeable and helpful. I could not have asked for a better team to fulfill my internship hours.

Whether you know exactly what you want to do or are still testing the waters interning or volunteering at the Historical Society of Baltimore County is an excellent experience for anyone looking to work in the field.