Baltimore County Artists’ Relief Grant – WINNERS ANNOUNCED

We are excited to announce the 33 winners of the Baltimore County Artists’ Relief Grant.

Artists and the art community were greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Baltimore County Artists’ Relief Grant was created to provide a way to support this important industry.

In order to strengthen and support our communities, Baltimore County worked with three organizations—the Gordon Center for Performing Arts, Contemporary Arts, Inc., and the Historical Society of Baltimore County—to assist in this grant process. These three organizations selected a group of 33 artists to receive grant funding based on merit, body of artistic work, or performance, or to fund a future project.

Award winners will be honored at a virtual, private award ceremony that will be held on November 18 at 7pm. Register to attend HERE.

We are pleased to announce the following group of talented individuals. Each of these artists excel in visual art, photography, nonfiction writing, music, theater, or dance.

First Prize:


Allen Xing

Music and Composing:

Alan T Blackman

 Nonfiction Writing:

Heather Rounds


Dylan Chao


Natka Bianchini

Visual Arts:

Michael Kirby


Other award winners:


Maria Broom

Ryan Johnson

Music and Composing:

Felix Hell

Yonatan Grinberg

Jared Denhard

Seth Kibel

Sahffi Lynne

Tahmar Gaither

Joshua Christina

Kenneth Wise

Angela Quick

Joshua Lay

Guy Bragg

Janet Paulsen

Jacob Gebler

Nonfiction writing:

Rose Anderson

Diane Gensler

Madeleine Mysko


Geoffrey S. Baker

Tanesha Davis

Kei Ito

Stephen Spartana

Ashton Wilson


Jesse Baxter

Jocelyn Lay

 Visual Arts:

Moonjoo Lee

Mike McConnell

Thank you to all of those that participated in this process. We appreciate your dedication to Baltimore County’s art community.

To attend the ceremony please register at this link: