John McGrain’s new book! Gwynns Falls Mills and Historic Features

John McGrain 1931-2021


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Information about the mills along the Gwynns Falls can often be challenging to locate within large State archival collections. In John McGrain’s new book, the string of water-powered industries along the Gwynns Falls is a story in itself. Along with those mills recorded in prior manuscripts, this expanded edition introduces readers to institutions, industries, turnpikes and bridges along the stream, starting at the end of the tidewater in Baltimore City and ending in Baltimore County. The book combines personal photos and illustrations collected from decades of research with in-depth histories of almost one hundred sites, bringing the history of the Gwynns Falls out of the archives, celebrating places long lost and some just waiting to be re-discovered.  ORDER NOW!

Exploring the Gwynns Falls with John McGrain

with Teri Rising

Explore the institutions, industries, turnpikes and bridges along the Gwynns Falls featured in John McGrain’s latest book with Teri Rising as your guide. John’s lifelong fascination with the Gwynns Falls, and his ongoing quest to photograph and write about its history, is a story in itself. Teri will discuss the efforts that went into getting the book completed and share what she learned on her journey with John as they navigated the Gwynns Falls in words and pictures.

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