Map Collection

The Historical Society of Baltimore County houses several hundred maps (many for sale) of Baltimore County from many periods of time. Below we have listed our general categories of maps and tried our best to note whom would be interested in each type of map.

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Maps of particular interest to genealogists are those showing the names of landowners and the locations of their homes.

  • Baltimore County
    • Griffith 1794
    • Sidney 1850
    • Taylor 1857
    • Military 1863
    • Hopkins 1877
    • Robinson 1882 (except northern end of county)
    • Bromley 1898
    • Bromley 1915
  • Harford County
    • Herrick 1858
    • Martenet 1878


Maps of particular interest to historians include:

Baltimore County
Many maps are scaled 1 inch to the mile, and compiled from USGS quadrangle maps published at intervals of 10 years or so from about 1900 to 1990.

Features are topography showing development of villages, roads, expressways, railroads, housing and industry complexes.

  • Other Counties
  • Anne Arundel
  • Carroll
  • Harford
  • Howard
  • Montgomery
  • Prince Georges
  • York County, Pa.

Maps Showing City Streets & Buildings

Baltimore City

  • Bromley 1885 (NW part only)
  • Bromley 1896
  • Flamm 1906
  • Bromley 1906
  • Topographical Survey Commission 1914

Maps of General Interest

  • John Smith 1608
  • U. S. Geological Survey QuadranglesSome maps are 1 inch to the mile, some 1 inch to 2000 feet. Feature: topography

Promotional and Specialty Maps

Features: Cities, towns, villages

  • Councilman districts, election districts
  • Farm Journal map 1915
  • Geology, soils, forests, oysterbars, fox hunting
  • Historic places, landmarks, forts, Mason & Dixon Line
  • Land grants Baltimore County, Carroll County
  • Military monuments, cemeteries, ordinaries
  • Promotion of business enterprises, pictorial maps
  • Railroads, transit lines
  • Rivers, lakes, damns, mills
  • Road systems, turnpikes, scenic tours, Indian roads, travels of George Washington
  • Schools, colleges, literary map
  • Tax maps, zoning maps
  • Water supply, Baltimore City and County, part of Carroll County